ABBYY PDF Transformer преобразование (конвертирование) PDF-файлов любого типа  ABBYY PDF Transformer any type  PDF-files conversion


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Programs / Converters / ABBYY PDF Transformer (PDF files converters)

ABBYY PDF Transformer
any type  PDF-files conversion

ABBYY PDF Transformer (PDF files converters)
Creator: ABBYY
Program status: Shareware
Interface: English
File size: 53.5 MB
Version: 2.0
System: Windows Win98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista
File types: PDF

ABBYY PDF Transformer allows to convert any PDF files including those with non-standard coded text and files without so called text-layer. The latter usually appear after documents scanning and represent text image. Such a text is impossible to be marked and copied into another supplement. Due to use of unique ABBYY FineReader cognitive technologies, ABBYY PDF Transformer can convert even such PDF-files into editorable ones.

ABBYY PDF Transformer creates PDF-files. He does it from Microsoft Word documents, Excel tables, PowerPoint presentations,  Visio diagrams and HTML-files.  All necessary menu bottoms and commands appear in these programs after ABBYY PDF Transformer installation. In one mouse click you also can convert a file into  PDF one and immediately send it by e-mail.

ABBYY PDF Transformer (PDF files converters)

PDF-files Transformation

4 Formats for Savings into ABBYY PDF Transformer

ABBYY PDF Transformer allows you to open PDF-documents in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel and immediately start editing as well as saving PDF-files formatted as DOC, XLS, HTML or TXT.

Document Format Saving in ABBYY PDF Transformer

ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 exactly saves document formats. The program has a special toolbar for text areas, pictures and tables marking. These tools will be useful for exact reproduction in PDF-files with complicated elements.

Поддержка русского языка в ABBYY PDF Transformer

ABBYY PDF Transformer correctly works with PDF-files in 37 languages, Russian as well.   In contrast to other programs PDF Transformer has no problems with coding.

ABBYY PDF Transformer Usability

ABBYY PDF Transformer can be started with one bottom pressing in Word, Excel, Outlook or Windows Explorer. Besides PDF Transformer can be called from an icon at the desktop. A specialized master-program will help to choose and convert the file you need.

Separate Pages Conversion in ABBYY PDF Transformer

If you need some particular information from a certain document ABBYY PDF Transformer can choose pages. Only marked pages will be converted.

Work with Paroled PDF-files in ABBYY PDF Transformer

ABBYY PDF Transformer supports correct work with paroled PDF-files. Knowing the parole a user will be able to convert the PDF-file he needs.

ABBYY PDF Transformer (PDF files converters)

PDF-files Creating

4 Ways to Create PDF-files

  • From Microsoft Office supplements by ABBYY PDF Transformer toolbar that appears after the program setting. One click on "Create PDF" - and you have it!
  • From contextual menu Windows Explorer (click on right mouse bottom at the file you need and choose "Create PDF-file")
  • From ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 itself.
  • With any program where you can choose printer. We simply "print" a document having chosen  virtual printer PDF-XChange for ABBYY PDF Transformer.

PDF-documents Size Management

ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 allows to define the size of the future PDF-file. We would recommend you a small size for e-mail sending and internet publishing, medium for viewing on the screen and printing and maximum for high quality printing.

Download ABBYY PDF Transformer

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