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Programs / Programs for reading / Smartphone's and PDAs and Internet Tablet / AlReader 2 - program to read books

AlReader 2
(program for reading on Pocket PC and smartphone)

AlReader 2 - program to read books
Creator: Alan NeverLand Inc.
Program site:
alreader.kms.ru, www.alreader.com
Program status:
2.5 080721
File size:
1.2 mb
Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 Standard, Windows Mobile 6 Classic, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, Phone Edition, WM VGA 480×640, Real-VGA, WM 240×240, WM 480×480, MS Smartphone 2002, MS Smartphone 2003, WM Smartphone 2003 SE, WM Smartphone 5, WM Smartphone 240×320


  • screen turn 90°, 180°, 270°
  • profiles «Day»/«Night» (profile includes text type adjustment:
    Size, bold, evening-out, colour of: background, text and status line) up to eight profiles
  • reading HTML, RTF, FB2, DOC, DOCX, ODT, SXW, ABW, ZABW, RB, TCR support of text styles, pictures, references, content. (DOC formats without pictures so far)
  • CHM reading experimental support
  • TXT, PDB/PRC (PalmDOC, zTXT mode 1) reading text only
  • ZIP and GZ archives reading
  • RAR archives reading (you need unrar.dll, that is at present exists for Win2000, WinXP, Vista only)
  • free code choice
  • correct word division for 23 languages (TeX patterns)
  • normal full screen mode (without upper line)
  • status line (time, battery, percentage of the text read, number of pages etc.). Status line vision is adjusted separately for full screen and general modes
  • ruler in text (down, right or in status line).
    Vision is adjusted separately for every for full screen and normal modes
  • battery charge representation at the text ruler
  • joystick buttons are reconstructed with screen turn
  • line and symbol spacing adjustment
  • width alignment
  • list of last open books
  • screen type evening-up cleartype
  • two types of autoscrolling (wave and smooth)
  • bookmarks with navigation
  • global bookmarks with navigation
  • hardware bottoms, strokes adjustment
  • any text line search without taking into account the number of gaps and line feeds + usage of symbols in symbol search line is interpreted as an arbitrary symbol. The search is register non-sensible
  • text shifting (percent and pages)
  • quotation savings
  • read file saving like TXT, PDB,TML
  • screen illumination can be left on
  • work with Dict, Lingvo, Slovoed

AlReader 2 - program to read books

The program for reading is simple and at the same time powerful and functional. The creator is sure nobody needs a monster functionality is in demand. And here he is a success! In spite of the achieved the program is in constant upgrade AlReader is elaborated and gains new abilities. And even now we can say non of the existing programs can be compared to it.


AlReader 2 - program to read books
General settings

1. The file with rules of line folding accompanies the program. It is there where we choose the rules or can do without line folding at all.

2. Evening line evening to the screen bounds.

3. Keep the illumination it is not comfortable to on illumination constantly while reading, is it? This option keeps illumination on all the time.

Bottoms and taps
AlReader 2 - program to read books

Very easy here you can fix any bottom of your pocket PC or smartphone to any possible action of ALReader. For example scrolling on/off, screen turn or merely text navigation forward/back.


If you dont like the text up to the screen edges intent it in the very menu.

Profile settings
AlReader 2 - program to read books
AlReader 2 - program to read books

Colour adjustments for current profile. Colours can be changed in RGB palette. Text / background / status line / clock under the text / titles these all can be recolored.
Type settings

Type adjustment for current profile. Bold type, evening-up, type size, line-to-line spacing as well as relative change of symbol width can be switched on. And surely you can change the type here.

Document opening

If you didnt have a certain text file open press the icon at the left bottom, than choose in the menu opened option «Open».

AlReader 2 - program to read books

Then in the list of files choose the document you need and press the note «Open». It should be mentioned that AlReader2 is capable of opening archived files thus greatly saving memory.

AlReader 2 - program to read books

After the file open its easy to see the interface is in quite original style. On default the background is represented in digital clock in light-blue, showing the system time.
AlReader 2 - program to read books

Background image, type and its size can be changed in correspondent supplement adjustments.

Document review

The supplement gives a good deal of handy abilities to review your favourite books. In AlReader2 at reviewing a document you can easily see in status line (in the bottom, above the icons of main menu) where you are reading, how much you have read and other important information.

Status line adjustable, on default it reflects the following modes:
  • Battery charging
  •  Name of the file used
  • Number of pages read in figures
  • Number of pages read in percents
  • Systemic time

Page by page or line for line modes are available it depends on which you like more.

On default scrolling is performed by actions with joystick:

  • Up/down for viewing previous or next pages correspondingly.
  • Left/right for viewing previous and next lines correspondingly.


If you are too lazy to press buttons or move stylus, use autoscrolling. It has two modes wave and smooth.

At smooth scrolling the text changes like captions in movie, at wave scrolling «» a line goes up on the screen gradually changing the lines.

Scrolling speed and line thickness at the mode of wave are adjustable. To do this press the first line from the left and choose the option Settings then suboption  Autoscrolling

Autoscrolling mode activation for AlReader2 is realized:

  • Press the second line from the left on the bottom and choose the option Autoscrolling

Here it would be appropriate to mention such an ability as text accentuation with further export. These are text bookmarks due to which a reader can easily save some important for him ideas and paragraphs.

Text file opens with similar for all applications way while accentuation is performed in absolutely different ways.

To accentuate a text in AlReader2 you have to press left bottom icon in main menu then go to the point Text and in the following menu press the point Text accentuation.

AlReader 2 - program to read books

At pressing the point Text accentuation all the text on the page is accentuated in red. You can accentuate parts of the text to copy it into another document using subpoint Copy it is a bit below at this submenu or use as a bookmark.

AlReader 2 - program to read books

At choosing subpoint Save a quotation on the screen appears the text of the page in a small window with a vertical autoscrolling. At pressing the point Save or Save without headline (there is no difference without them) the program without visualizing confirmation or cancellation saves the chosen text in into the file named $alreader_memo.1251.txt, which is in the folder under the name AlReader2. This folder is created automatically in directory My documents.

AlReader 2 - program to read books  AlReader 2 - program to read books

An important point is the ability to change screen orientation.
To change the screen orientation in AlReader2, press the first right bottom at the panel below. At every pressing the visual angle changes for 90 degrees clockwise.

AlReader 2 - program to read books  AlReader 2 - program to read books

AlReader 2 - program to read books  AlReader 2 - program to read books
Once more about settings

In AlReader2 you can adjust he text as you wish it.

Press the first bottom from the left at the panel below and choose the point Profile.

AlReader 2 - program to read books

In subpoint Colour changes the colour of all the window elements up to the battery charge indicator and clock under the text.

AlReader 2 - program to read books

If you dont like the settings of bottoms on default you can reassign them by the following way:

  • Press the first left bottom on the panel below and choose the point Settings then go to Bottoms. If you dont know the destination of a bottom go to Scan. After choosing this point press the bottom you dont know and itll show the action the bottom is destined to perform.

AlReader 2 - program to read books  AlReader 2 - program to read books

Tap touch the screen with a finger or stylus.

In AlReader2 there are eleven so called tap-zones on the screen. We enumerate them:

  • Left-up
  • Left-centre
  • Left-down
  • Right-up
  • Right-centre
  • Right-down
  • Tap for electronic clock in status line
  • Tap for battery charge in status line
  • Tap for file name in status line
  • Tap for the current page in status line
  • Tap for read text percentage in status line

To set tap-zones press first left bottom at the panel below, choose the point Settings the go to Taps.

AlReader 2 - program to read books  AlReader 2 - program to read books

AlReader 2 - program to read books  AlReader 2 - program to read books

Download AlReader 2 - program to read books, version 080721 for pocket PC, communicator and smartphone:

Download version 080721 for Windows CE (4.20 and upper) navigators, players like Cowon Q5 and alike:

Download division patterns:

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