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Creator: Text-Reader Software
Site of the program: www.text-reader.com
Status of the program: Shareware
Interface: English
Version: 5.001
File size: 530 kb
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Format: TXT

BookShelf shows the content of text files as if in a book. You see two pages simultaneously (or one if you wish) with free margins. The screen isn't  jammed with interface details. You can click on pages to turn them over, change colour and size of printing, page marking, colour of paper and appearance of lining. Simple and effective system of search and navigation will help to orientate in the text. Arrangement of books like on the shelf helps to come back easily to already read books and open them on the page you have stopped.

BookShelf - program to read books

It would be better to start with an urgent for many users problem — program shareware status. Its price is only  $3, but the program keeps on reading texts after the trial period as well. So if you can't pay for the reader - don't worry. By the way, author takes alternative support in the project development (e.g. reference to the site).

BookShelf - program to read books

Support of virtual library is done in a very original manner. All books are sorted to shelves, to choose the book you just need to click on its back. Drawn bookshelves look very attractive, they are done quite stylish and navigation is very handy. Every shelf can be referred to a particular style. All standard options customary for bookreaders exist and they are comfortably distributed on the interface.

Voice reading realization in BookShelf is maximally easy. It's enough just to push fast soft key (F4 on default) and listen. Voice slide adjustment is done separately and doesn't depend on BookShelf. It's advisable to use TTS sintesators Digalo Nikolay and RealSpeak Solo Katherine.

Some technical characteristics:
• Majority text formats support including DOC, RTF and HTML;
• Close integration with MS Internet Explorer (can be added to toolbar making book-adding into the library easier);
• Work with archives RAR and ZIP;
• Fully adjustable interface with the ability to use skins;
• Handy books classification and  text formatting according to user's wish.

Start of Work

To open a new file click

After choosing a file it will be converted into a book that will appear on a book shelf. This conversion may take some time. The time depends on size of the file and power of your PC. This conversion is done only once. Next time the book will be opened in no time. (At the beginning try to open small files).

Appearance of books depends on installation-specific settings. Every book can have its own look.

Reading over, the program memorizes the page you've finished on. Next time the book will be opened on this page.


Keys for transition:

to the next page:
to the previous page:
to the beginning:
to the end:

Page Number

If you click   or the number of the page, you'll go to the next or previous page.

Line of Quick Shift

Bring mouse pointer to the lower area of the screen. You'll see the line of quick shift. To find the page wanted have a click.


If you type a number and finish with , you'll come to the page wanted.


Mark the necessary word and click   or . The program will find this word on the next pages in mark it. To find this word further in the text click again or .

If you press without marking the text, you'll be able to type a word. Then it will be searched.


To close the book click   or press .
For program exit press  or +
For prompting or click

Download  BookShelf

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