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FBReader - program to read  books Programs / Programs for reading / Personal computers and Laptops / FBReader - program to read books

(program for reading on Personal computers and Laptops)

Creator: FBReader group
Program site: www.fbreader.org
Program status: Free
Interface: Russian
Version: 8.17
File size: 2.1 МБ
System: Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista
File reading: TXT, HTML, Palmdoc, RTF, MS Word, CHM, zTxt, OEB, B2, OpenReader

FBReader is a program for electronic books reading distributed for free including initial texts under license by GNU GPL. FBReader for Windows XP uses code written by Independent JPEG Group.

Reading books is a useful thing. Paper rustling is not popular today, it's much more interesting to get an electronic text and read it from your computer. And here you face certain inconveniencies. You have to turn pages manually, put up with not very comfortable for your eyes typing and make other compromises. Many problems can be avoided if you use special software created for electronic books reading.

After starting the application you can create book libraries automatically. In program setting there's a folder on default which is checked at starting. You can change it according to your wish. There is an ability to enumerate ways. Lines are separated by colon. Toolbar contains also bottoms of loading extra documents into the library. After the first opening a file for reading it is added into the group of books read.

When the book opens text coding and language are defined automatically. If the definition is made with a mistake you can change the data later manually.

Besides the main text the document may contain a complex formatting, type style sheet. There's also a limited ability to show images. Inside the document references and notes can be used. Status line indicates page number as well as current system time.

If you have closed a program reading a certain document at the next opening there will be an automatical  transition to the latest position. In other words you can keep on reading the book from the point you stopped at.

While reading a book word division is carried automatically. It is realized strictly observing the rules of the language the book is written in. There's Russian support.

You can search text without taking into account letter case.

You can turn text on 90 degrees in both directions. This allows not to change the orientation of the whole desktop if you turn your monitor.

The program allows to turn pages automatically with a certain delay. Besides you can leave some lines from the previous page.

The application settings allow to indicate rules of stylesheet. There's a possibility to indicate type and its parameters for the main text, titles, references and other elements of formatting.

Compact and laconic interface without main menu suits program of this class perfectly.

FBReader - program to read  books

Main abilities:

  • Can directly work with archived texts in zip, tar, gzip, bzip2
  • Supports utf-8, us-ascii, windows-1251, windows-1252, koi8-r, ibm866, iso-8859-*, Big5, GBK codings
  • Supports hyperlinks
  • Memorizes the last open book
  • Gives the list of latest open files
  • Leads text search
  • Full screen mode
  • Screen turn at 90, 180 and 270 degrees

Download FBReader - program to read books

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