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Programs / Programs for reading / Personal computers and Laptops / Ice Book Reader - program to read books

Ice Book Reader Professional

Developer: ICE Graphics
Site of the programme: www.ice-graphics.com
Status program: Free (xUSSR)
Interface: English
Version: 8.10
Size of the file: 2
Platform: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista

ICE Book Reader Professional is the ultimate e-book reader. It is also possible to use ICE Book Reader Professional as a teleprompter. ICE Book Reader Professional is the first alternative e-book reader which includes native support for .LIT and .CHM files, and which does not utilize any Microsoft Reader or Microsoft HELP components. Also is possible to use ICE Book Reader Professional as file converter: TXT-HTML, HTML-TXT, TXT-DOC, DOC-TXT, PDB-TXT, LIT-TXT, FB2-TXT etc. with codepage conversion.

ICE Book Reader Professional is not only book reader. It's the powerful book database:
 ICE Book Reader Professional allows to store books and to operate the information on them (up to 250000 books).
 ICE Book Reader Professional allow ordering automatically a book collection. Just add some thousands unsorted books in ICE Book Reader Professional library for making completely ordered book collection with the minimal efforts.
 ICE Book Reader Professional library is unique, because it stores all books as separate files. You can freely copy, delete or rename book files. But anyway ICE Book Reader Professional guarantees database integrity.
 ICE Book Reader Professional uses the heterogeneous, distributed, failure safety database. It guarantees integrity of the data, even in case of physical damage of any amount of the data. Any other database in the world cannot do it.
Not need to tell what ICE Book Reader Professional database engine outperforms any classical database. Just try...

ICE Book Reader Professional was specifically designed to make the reading experience of large text files (electronic books) most convenient and effective. Why is this important ? Reading HTML (text, program documentation, e-mail etc.) is different from reading books. Reading books demands more time and effort, and there is greater strain on the eyes. Besides, book-reading usually occurs continuously, unlike the reading of HTML text where reading and rest constantly alternate.

It means, therefore, that more comfortable conditions have to be created for reading books. Otherwise, the reader's eyes will quickly get tired and the risk of sight deterioration will increase. The main aim of ICE Book Reader Professional is to prevent the possibility of sight deterioration due to extended reading.

ICE Book Reader Professional offers these new techniques for the protection of your eyes:

    Ultra smooth text scrolling. The precise control of scrolling speed;

    Automatically adjustable scrolling speed;

    Full text antialiasing;

    Super scrolling with subpixel precision;

    Wave scrolling (scrolling without moving text);

    Different color first letters and headings;

    Fuzzy logic text format recognition;

    Automatic layout and original formatting modes.

In addition to the above, ICE Book Reader Professional offers a new way of reading books - at a distance from the monitor, as if you're watching TV. Simply try this method and you will see that it is very, very convenient:

You don't have to position yourself up close to the monitor. You can lie on a sofa or sit in an armchair at a distance of 2-4 meters from the monitor. Your backbone will not get tired from sitting in a chair for long periods.

Reading at a distance from the monitor will help to prevent the development of short-sightedness.

You won't have to strain your eyes to read small letters from a distance. ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to set letters of any size. Just choose the size most convenient to you.

If you read from a distance with ICE Book Reader Professional, you will not have to run to the computer to scroll or change the page; adjustments to scrolling speed can all be done automatically, based upon the density of the text.

Some people do not like to use scrolling when reading electronic texts. In addition, some old LCD monitors cannot scroll text without leaving trails. ICE Book Reader Professional avoids these problems by offering a mode of reading which does not use scrolling text. Based upon the option chosen, ICE Book Reader Professional can page-down the text, either smoothly or by page-jumping. The intervals of time between page changes can be selected as being fixed or variable, depending upon the density of the text. There is also another solution: wave scrolling which is the progressive display of text (scrolling) without moving the text itself.

ICE Book Reader Professional features:

There are five book-reading modes in ICE Book Reader Professional: automatic smooth scrolling, automatic page-down, automatic wave scrolling, manual browsing and "book view mode".

ICE Book Reader Professional can read TXT, HTML, XML, RTF, Microsoft Word documents, PALM books (.PDB and .PRC), PSION/EPOC books (.TCR), Microsoft Reader Books (.LIT), Microsoft HELP files (.CHM) and FictionBook files (all versions) (.FB2, .XML). It means that you don't have to buy electronic books anymore, as there are lots of public libraries on the Internet.

The "book view mode" allows the choice of user-defined skins and the display of 1, 2, 3 or more pages side by side in arbitrary positions and having arbitrary sizes.

ICE Book Reader Professional can read files directly from archives: ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH and HA and the best thing is that you don't need to have all these archiver programs installed.

ICE Book Reader Professional uses a special container for storing all books. This container allows:

  • Fast on-the-fly compression with access to any book section without unpacking the whole file. Compression ratio is ALWAYS better than the best ZIP compression. Usual compression ratio is 1:4 - 1:7

  • Dynamic content modification without re-writing the whole book

  • Setting different compression levels and different cluster sizes

  • Automatic compression mode adjustment depending on the contents of a file

  • Compression of data as well as all container system tables

  • Setting of different compression algorithms or disabling compression for any part of the book

  • Automatic on-the-fly container data defragmentation

  • Automatic re-use of free space inside a container if some files are deleted, with optimal strategy for searching and selection of free blocks

  • Automatic re-arrangement of file blocks inside a container for minimizing physical file operations

  • Avoiding free space at the end of a cluster if the whole cluster is not occupied

  • Using a triple cache system for fast access to book contents with the automatic monitoring of used RAM

  • Monitoring data integrity using double CRC data protection for any file operations with variable CRC size. All bits in the container are now protected from HDD failures

  • Use of strong encryption (ICE Safe) for book contents and all system tables, with block size up to 8 million bits and anti-bruteforce techniques. The ICE Book Reader Professional book container is now the MOST SECURE container in the world. Security level outperforms .PDF and .LIT

  • Many other features which are supported by the container but not yet used in ICE Book Reader Professional

Very fast text rendering engine allows viewing of any file size from 16 - 128GB.

ICE Book Reader Professional allow to export any books to TXT, HTML or MS Word DOC files. There are a lot different exporting modes allowing to control any text properties.

There is a special navigation mode for ultra fast text navigation, up to 30 pages per second.

ICE Book Reader Professional allows changing the size of the pages cache. Within the limits of a cache, navigation is extremely fast, irrespective of the chosen operating mode.

ICE Book Reader Professional automatically colorizes any text. The first letters of paragraphs and also all headings are automatically colorized. It helps eyes to have additional reference points during reading.

Ultra smooth text scrolling. It is possible to precisely adjust the text scrolling speed from 1 to 500 lines per second. Accurate speed control is very necessary for comfortable reading. Other applications mostly scroll the text using the third mouse button and therefore don't have such a precise scrolling control.

There are two scroll modes: constant scroll speed and variable scroll speed. Variable scroll speed mode allows the automatic adjustment of scrolling speed in conformity with text density, width of the window and font size.

ICE Book Reader Professional automatically calculates the required speed for scrolling or for delay between page-changes. An indicator in the top right corner will show the existing speed after two pages have been read.

Fuzzy logic text format recognition determines the required format (paragraphs, spaces, margins) of any textual file automatically and without error.

Full text antialiasing with different masks (2x2, 3x3, and 4x4) can make text reading more comfortable. New multithread rendering engine allows the generation of antialiased text without visible delays.

Super Smooth scrolling allows the generation of additional scroll steps with sub-pixel precision. Instead of 1 step, Super Smooth generates 2, 3 or 4 small sub-steps of scrolling. This technology is very much like the one used in TVs with 100Hz refresh rate.

Some thin and small fonts can cause text flickering during Super Smooth scrolling. To prevent this, ICE Book Reader Professional has a special anti flicker filter built-in.

ICE Book Reader Professional is a native Unicode application. That means that all the MS Windows languages and codepages are supported.*

You can read files in any language, irrespective of your MS Windows version. It is necessary to have the appropriate font, though.

There are two font modes: automatic layout and original formatting, using proportional and fixed width fonts respectively. The first mode allows the reading of a text with any font size. The second mode retains the original text formatting for viewing.

Automatic layout ensures you'll never have to use horizontal scrolling.

For reading layout, text can be aligned as Full, Left or Center.

It is possible to adjust any font properties: size, color, font attributes (bold, italic...) kerning, interline spaces, paragraph spaces. Moreover, it is possible to choose negative values for any setting. As a result, visible text can be very dense without visible distortions.

New rendering engine allows any font available in the system to be used as a monospaced font.

ICE Book Reader Professional remembers the last position in every file read. In addition, each file can have any number of bookmarks.

ICE Book Reader Professional stores all imported text files in its own library to allow fast text preview without actual document opening.

ICE Book Reader Professional has a language-independent system which can determine the author and title of any book. Multiple books by the same author are automatically grouped together in the library.

ICE Book Reader Professional blocks screensaver, hides mouse cursor and increases task priority while scrolling.

ICE Book Reader Professional now has a new internationalisation engine which allows you to easily change the interface language. English, German, French, Spanish and Russian interface languages are now accessible.

ICE Book Reader Professional has a new profiles engine. You can save any set of settings as a profile. Later, you can always activate your profile. One click and all your chosen options will be restored.

It is possible to use any wireless mouse as a remote control for ICE Book Reader Professional. Just place the mouse cursor over the clock on the toolbar and use the mouse buttons and mouse wheel for navigation.

ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to select and to copy any visible text to the clipboard.

ICE Book Reader Professional is a cheap teleprompter solution. It can be used with any videocard with TV-Out or any "VGA-to-TV" convertor.**

There is full support text aloud (TTS) using Speech API SAPI4.0 and SAPI5.1

ICE Book Reader Professional can generate audio files MP3/WAV from books. Automatical file splitting is supported.

MP3 book creation not need to store temporary multi megabytes WAV files before MP3 encoding.

Due to using multithread engine ICE Book Reader Professional provide fastest way for creating MP3 books. Multiple SAPI engines can "talk" simultaneously, decreasing creation time of MP3 books.

There is support of pronunciation dictionaries with patterns search. ICE Book Reader Professional allows process huge pronunciation dictionaries (millions of words) without visible delays.

There is an alarm clock in ICE Book Reader Professional.

ICE Book Reader Professional can create video books for reading them using any standalone DVD players.

Ice Book Reader - program to read  books

Well, well, well... This is how producers characterize their brain-child. What can we say - good guys, say many good woords. 

But are there other opinions? Let's look at them also...

One of the most powerful readers for today, has several rates of scrolling (including auto scrolling) and a very good full-screen text evening. It allows to read book sitting in your cozy armchair without tearing away to turn pages over - the program itself will soon choose a suitable speed of scrolling depending on compactness of the text.

ICE Book Reader  has two modes of book representation - book and scrolling. For book mode sin setting is available. These skins can be downloaded from official site as well as done yourself. It goes without saying there is full setting of text representation parameters such as type, size, colour, outline, letter and line spacing, indention and, of course, background.

The program also allows to catalogue books up to 250,000. The system of book title and author's name auto recognition lets automatize your library automatically. To lessen the volume of occupied disc space there is an installed archiver with  compression degree settings.

Some Technical Characteristics:
Supports TXT, HTML, XML, RTF, MS Word, PALM (.PDB and .PRC), books PSION/EPOC (.TCR), books MS Reader (.LIT), MS HELP files (.CHM) and FictionBook of all versions (.FB2, .XML)
Reads files directly from archives ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH and HA without outer archivators
Viewing of files up to 128 GB! Without any visible delays
Supports any Windows coding, including unicode
Unlimited number of bookmarks
Ability to create MP3 and WAV versions of text documents or simply read books aloud (if you have TTS set up)

So what's cooking? A perfect reader?!

Why, if it's so, I don't have it in my comp?

Perhaps I didn't know about it? - Well, no, I had it in the last century. All PC media presented it like reader 1. I, of course, wasn't against of trying it. More over it is our, Russian invention. I followed all renovations, read all commentaries and  responds like "...reading aloud isn't popular, so TTS won't be realized in Ice" I couldn't understand why one sunny day this wonderful reader left system without saying good bye?

Everything is super easy.

Look here...

Ice Book Reader - program to read  books

Picture 1

Bottoms of toolbar have changed to the best contrasting to initial versions, but the central place is taken not by them but by clock with percentage - this is the thing that hasn't been modified. Inventors must have taken fancy with them - a kind of zest! But this tuning reminds of some state institutions of Soviet period. Nostalgia? But taking into account noted name of the company nobody wanted to put up with such design.

Ice Book Reader - program to read  books

Picture 2

Trifle? - Trifle, surely, but after-taste exists.

Our next point - library with its containers.

The thing I understand very well is that this IBR without my permission drags books from my library and makes a store...Sorry, I don't like such arbitrariness. What if every reader would be so independent? Dozens of library reserves! And mp3-players will start creating there own containers, and movies..?

Have a look yourself - at first sight such an innocent gadget.

Ice Book Reader - program to read  books

Picture 3

"I'm a workaholic! I define coding faster than you will say Jack Robinson!" - she cries. - Well, you don't say so...

Ice Book Reader - program to read  books

Picture 4

And programs, cataloguers, librarians today are much better.

This is trifle too? - Trifle, surely, taking into account volumes of modern Winchesters, but after-taste again.

Now let's look on text of, for example, the most popular FB2 format...Well, it looks as simple TXT.

Ice Book Reader - program to read  books

Picture 5

No formatting, no illustrations, no styles... - absolute crap!

But who knows - perhaps it is to the best! As one my friends says: " good book is good in TXT as well, and a crap even with pictures will remain a crap". It's up to you to choose: if you need pure text information Ice will do. But if you would like to read your electronic book as a real one... Well, look for something more.

In this case neither common bookmarks...

Ice Book Reader - program to read  books
. 6

...no TV prompter will lure you. The latter, by the way, is too much - nobody would like to read through the mirror.

Ice Book Reader - program to read  books

Picture 7

A sad picture we see but for one BUT - ICEBookReaderProfessional has a real advantage that you will hardly find anywhere - type smoothing. It is so good that someday, if other drawbacks are eliminated, we will get a perfect program for reading. If.

Compare, for example, scrolling at ordinary smoothing and at IBR.

Ice Book Reader - program to read  books Ice Book Reader - program to read  books

View mode settings.

Ice Book Reader - program to read  books

Picture 10

Download ICE Book Reader Professional

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